Managing Local Political Risk, Parking the Tata Nano (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Managing Local Political Risk, Parking the Tata Nano (A) Case Solution

Managing Local Political Threat: Positioning the Tata Nano highlights the function of political location in shaping threats to organisations. The case has 3 parts: an (A) case, (B) case, and (C) case. The (A) case is embeded in 2006 and goes over the choice Tata Motors should make about where in India to find a factory to develop the Nano-- the world's least expensive automobile. The (A) case provides 4 possible places, and the trainees need to assess which place would be the very best and safeguard their choice. The places are:


  1. Sanand in the western state of Gujarat
  2. Pantnagar in the northern state of Uttarakhand
  3. Singur in the northeastern state of West Bengal
  4. Kharagpur in West Bengal


The (A) case supplies appropriate functions about each city, rewards every one is using Tata Motors, and the political landscape of each city and state and India en masse. The case likewise provides the history of spiritual and separatist violence in each area. Displays consist of analytical contrasts (consisting of population, spiritual breakdowns, GSDP, and so on); a map of city places; rewards; and outcomes of elections in each city.

Trainees are likewise asked to assess why Tata would go for - and wish to market-- a nationwide geographical existence in production.

(B) case has to do with Tata's option of city, and the severe issues with locals, political leaders, and activists that emerged from that choice-- all which caused a crisis. Completion of the (B) case asks trainees regardless of whether Tata need to attempt to solve the crisis or ignore the $300 million financial investment it has actually currently made in the plant. The case likewise asks trainees about the function of location in the escalation of the crisis, and regardless if Tata might have expected the crisis.

(C) case goes over Tata's choice relating to the plant and updates the circumstance through 2012.

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