Managing Innovation at Nypro Incorporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

How does Lankton manage the process?

The general manager of the company is following some specific guidelines or strategies that are essential to managing the process at Nypro Inc. These strategies include: standardizing the offerings and processes in the plants, development of advanced technology, building innovative and proactive environment, customer oriented operations and rewarding employees on their performances. First guideline followed in the plants is developing highly developed expertise that emphasize on the production of large scale molding jobs with technologically progressive and advance customers. By implementing that, the company has become the 5th largest company in United States in terms of plastic molding.

The next strategy that has been followed by Lankton is standardizing the overall offering and processes all over the world. The basic aim behind this approach was to give the same standard and product offering to each and every customer around the globe. The purpose behind this strategy was to convey the message of equality in terms of product offerings to each and every customer around the globe. Implementation of this strategy can be done through reporting of every organization about the success and pitfalls in the process of production and handle it in front of the whole corporate world so that companies around the world will get an idea about how to handle a similar situation.

It is evident and observed from the evidences and facts that the business of the company is expanded all around the world so does its customers. Each customer in their respective country has different demand for products but making product differentiation on such huge level is difficult to implement, therefore, the company’s business in different locations helps in finding the processes, thoughts and inventive applications that in turn assist Nypro Inc. to conquer this challenge.

Moreover, the general manager of the company has successfully created an environment where inventive and proactive employees are expectant to stay with the organization and that will allow the company to stay competent and aggressive in the market. In order to achieve this, the company implemented a reward system that is based on incentives. The system provides employees with performance ratings, stock options based on years of service and pay level as well. Employees, who after serving the organization for several periods and become stockholders are accountable for the selection of the board of directors.

Along with that, the general manager also implemented another system that focus on the customer service and that can be done through managing strong and positive relationships with their customers. Establishing and maintaining those relationships are done by the teams that are responsible for improvement in the process along with the development of the product as well for each and every customer of the company. The teams built for customer service are from different organizations and Nypro Inc.’s employees as well. These teams are generated to serve the two main purposes i.e. focusing on various aspects of the production and development procedures.

Team one is accountable for the development of the process and ideas related to the new products and services. On the other hand, the second team is responsible for focusing on manufacturing, making continuous improvements, evaluating quality control, marketing processes and the procurement of materials. Both teams are accountable for the progress and growth in the overall company’s operation and allowed for conducting processes and continuous check to ensure accomplishments of the goals and objectives. The management of the company often changes the group member to avoid stagnancy in the innovation process.

In a nutshell, the general manager of the company has been quite successful in managing the overall process of the company. He evaluates and analyzes the performance of the divisions by setting benchmark and then comparing every business unit with the other one. The process followed in Nypro Inc. helps the company to be in the position of developing and manufacturing products that are advance in terms of technology. The process implemented by Lankton enables the company to standardize the offerings and processes worldwide along with creating innovative and upbeat environment for employees that is based on the reward system.....................................

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