Timeshare Exchange Fair (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This award-winning series of cases considered as the optimization-based decision-making leads to a new business model for the timeshare exchange: exchange fair. Students model the complex management problem as a linear program, to determine the types of data needed and use the model to provide decision support. The series covers linear and integer programming, multiple criteria decision making, network flow problems, local search heuristics and Pareto-optimality. Series demonstrates the benefits and difficulties associated with the use of management science in the real world business environment. It teaches the standard methods for extracting relevant information from the mass of the more and less important information and forces students to confront issues consultants face: How do you motivate management to even consider an approach to the management of science? How do you build a "business case" demonstrates the shortcomings of the methodology already in place? The case provides background on the timeshare industry, exchange and sharing of justice, in which the owners to submit their existing space to a central pool, with requests for the intervals they want to exchange, the exchange determines who gets which interval. Various aspects of the exchange are fair, and, from a heuristic, the series effectively directs students to the "best" way to optimize performance based on the exchange. This case series is the winner of the 2005 reported cases of the contest and received an honorable mention in the 2005 competition case DSI. Suitable for general MBA and educational programs and as a basis for an exam or assignment, this series is also suitable for specialized undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of management services (eg, tourism and hotel administration), logistics, industrial and systems engineering.
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by Anton Ovchinnikov, Dmitry Krass, Scott Sampson Source: Darden School of Business 11 pages. Publication Date: September 25, 2007. Prod. #: UV0901-PDF-ENG

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Timeshare Exchange Fair (A)

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