Malware Attack on Fullsoft Inc Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Fullsoft Inc. has been one of the recent victims of Malware attacks due to which some of its exclusive information has been leaked. This is a serious and concerning issue for which the company is looking for a thorough analysis of the issue and needs urgent recommendations to mitigate this issue.

Introduction of Malware

Malware is a serious threat to very organization irrespective of the size and can cause serious damage to the information of the company. This is a growing risk and is designed to exploit any system despite its vulnerability. This concept has been defined in various explanations but the common phrase suggest that it is something that gets into your system and can cause serious assurance issues to every information.

Trojan or virus, worm, backdoors, adware, or spyware all can be regarded as Malware. However, the occurrence of the malware infection is based on accessing different content mostly web based but can also occur while using applications like instant messaging or media players. However, in some case the attack can be due to hacking or any effort related to social engineering that can be termed as focused attacks.

This phenomenon is growing and the number of malicious applications are also increasing rapidly and in 2007 these applications were accounted to be more than 5 million. Money is playing a vital role and is the biggest motivation that is forcing people towards organized crime and in doing so the growth of malicious applications is tremendous and by large in numbers. These motivations are very strong and are encouraging the minds to develop strong and effective applications.

The history of these crimes show that organization no matter how large they are, fell prey to these applications or malware. The reason that has been identified yet is the strong financial gain which is far easier than any other way. People possessing expertise in protecting individuals, companies or systems from these malwares are also shifting towards the opposite side due to the strong financial motivation.

Companies like Google that is regarded as the giant in networking has been a victim of malware attacks. This indicates that it is not something that is easy to overcome.It is very difficult or to some extent impossible to quantify the impact of malware attack and becomes more confusing and raises more questions to answer while trying to solve it. The hackers are more skilled and professional and possess a strong motivation to do this crime which is why this threat has grown so rapidly in the last decade.

Fullsoft Inc. a recent victim of malware attacks is also facing the same challenge as they have lost some major information and are trying every possible mean to overcome this issue. The highly important and prestigious information is lost from the systems and the company is shocked from such attack. However, the type of attack has not been identified yet which is very difficult to assess. This is why this report will present a detail assessment of the threat and will identify various methods as recommendations to overcome or mitigate this issue.


The portion will first of all identify different malware infections and will assess their impact on the system or the organization. It has been witnessed that organization, the clients and the employees also a lay an additional impact during the recovery process once an organization is hit by a malware infection.

Malware Attack on Fullsoft Inc Case Solution

The IT department of an organization can leverage their technical resources to clean the infected system while in some cases organizations are threaten to lose the data and will involve in rebuilding the system. This can cause a serious issue as new applications and operating system requires fresh installation that can be a tiring process. On the other hand, both the IT department and the users can lose significant productive information during the recovery process. The staff members and the clients who are highly dependent on the systems can witness a serious trickle down affect after the infection and a blockage may occur in the services.

However, the organizations ability to provide service on time is hurt drastically during the arbitration process. Malware infections are a serious threat because they can remain undetected for a considerable period of time and organizations fail to identify these infections which is a likely scenario. Anti-virus is a phenomenon which is not capable enough to identify or detect these infections and researches in the past identify the inability of anti-virus in detecting these malware infections. ......................

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