Gabriel Resources: Foreign Direct Investment in Romania Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It is ending period of year 2013 and the employees at Gabriel Resources, a Canadian junior mining company, is striving to handle investor relationships and political pressure encircling its Rosia Montana mine predictions in Romania. Lately, the Romanian Parliament voted overwhelmingly against granting the last permit for the gold and silver mine until a more thorough environmental and legal framework is created.

Even though the firm assures that its project will bring significant financial advantages to the state and desired infrastructure improvements and employment in the area, both national and international civilian and non-governmental organizations have protested vociferously against a development that they see harming not only the delicate geographical ecosystem but in addition historical artifacts that have been a major tourist draw. The bill draft was set to permit the enterprise to commence work on nourishing the potentially money-making mine, which has remained 15 years in the making and has really not yet created any revenues. Investors are stressed and also the company's share price is falling. Can the business calm negative stock price movement and shareholder apprehensions? What can it do to get the Romanian authorities and individuals to support the mine?

PUBLICATION DATE: September 04, 2014 PRODUCT #: W14431-HCB-ENG

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Gabriel Resources: Foreign Direct Investment in Romania

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