Maersk Line: B2b Social Media Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case illustrates the branding strategy of the Maersk line company which is a shipping company.The company due to its industry norms and culture is taken as robotic or boring. HoweverMaersk identified the loopholes in its business strategy that even the operationsandbusiness of Maersk line is vast, yet many few people know about the business. Hence,inorder to overcomeThis issue, the company developed the social media presence by utilizing Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, and other platforms to develop engagement and involvementamong thecustomersand the employees. The main focus remainedon creating the engagement by sharing the blogs or videos to depict the culture and organizational structure of the company.This helped Maersk line to build brand awareness and also lead to strong brand recognition. It also enabled the company to develop a standalone distinctbrandimage in the market, opposite to the industry norms.
Keywords: Digitalization, social Media, Engagement, brand awareness

Why do you think Maersk Line was so successful in social media? What do you think are Maersk Line's key drivers of success?
Maersk Line B2b Social Media Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Maersk line has been successful in social media for multiple reasons:
1- It pursued the “blue ocean strategy” in going on social media. Themoveenabled the company to take thefirst-mover advantage which resulted in increased brand awareness, market presence and success of thecompany over the period of time.
2- Wichmann adopted theleancommunication strategy while establishing the social media channel. This allowed the employees to come open to the platform and share the experience and views unbiasedly, leading to transparency and brand building in the market.
3- Maersk has been successful also because it took the informal approach to tap the digital platform for the company. In doing so, it encouraged the bloggers to write about the company in an informal way so to disdain the industry culture and image from the brand. This encouraged the employee andalso the followers to comment and connect with the company at a more personalized level.
Key Drivers of Success
The key drivers of the social media success are:
1- Visual engagement- The Companycreated social media presence and depictedits history and videos to engage the people.The visual presence offered the users to connect with the company and hence increased the brand visibility in the market.
2- Consistent Presence- theCompanywhile developing the social media presence created the user generated content which made the communication two way andhence increasedinvolvement.Also, in doing so, the companyremainedconsistent in posting and sharing the blogs andreviews so to connect with the external market consistently.
3- Crisis Management- theCompanyutilized the social media platform to manage the brand image in the market. Since the company offering area always adhered to social responsibility like oil spills. It communicated with the customersand other followers on the social media to clarify the stance of the business. This strategy helped the company in maintaining the positivebrandimage and corporate identity...............

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