Madhyamam Newspaper: Which Way Forward? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Madhymam was a Malayalam language newspaper headquartered in Kerala, India. Launched by a traditional Islamic trust, the trust's conservative values dictated a lot of the coverage and content of the paper. This didn't translate into the sales revenues that are anticipated though the top quality of the content of Madhymam was widely appreciated.

Madhyamam Newspaper Which Way Forward Case Solution

Although this shortage of sales was because of Madhymam’s public image as a pro-Muslim paper - an image that the paper's management team had been making efforts to shed. Driven by its vision of becoming the largest newspaper in India, Madhymam's direction was exploring various options to arouse readership and sales. The job was made more difficult by the trust's exclusionary policies on promotion, stiff competition from important local players, the entry of national players as well as the widespread regional news channels. In the light of these challenges, How will Madhymam will move ahead?

PUBLICATION DATE: November 04, 2014 PRODUCT #: W14547-HCB-ENG

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Madhyamam Newspaper: Which Way Forward?

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