Hong Kongs Ocean Park: Taking on Disney Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ocean Park was the only park in Hong Kong until 2005, when Hong Kong Disney has exploded on the scene. Studies in the History Ocean Park and Disney's response to attacks on its market. Ocean Park acted quickly and decisively to take advantage of the excitement generated by Disney, turning what could be a threat into an opportunity. In terms of business strategy level, the park moved to emphasize the differences with Disney, not to compete head-on. As CEO, said: "We are not going to try out-Disney Disney". Park focuses on their aquariums, animals and thrill rides in contrast to the "fantasy" and animated characters that make up the core competence of Disney. Following this strategy, the park was able to capture most of the visitors to Disney, who came from mainland China. We also discuss the recent restructuring, human resource management issues and other problems faced by the park in 2006. "Hide

Ocean park Case Solution

by Michael N. Young, Deborah Liu, Donald Liu, Derek Au, Karen Hung, Crystal Wong, Marty Yam Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 14 pages. Publication Date: August 23, 2006. Prod. #: 906M75-PDF-ENG

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Hong Kongs Ocean Park: Taking on Disney

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