Madhyamam Newspaper: Which Way Forward? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Madhymam, founded by a conservative Islamic trust, was a Malayalam language newspaper, situated in Kerala, India. Most of the operations of this newspaper were governed by trust’s conservative values and principles. Although, the newspaper got a broad significance in its high quality contents, but it did not yield the expected revenue for the trust.

This shortfall was due to an image of a pro-Muslim newspaper, the image which the management team tried to shed by putting some major efforts. The management of Madhyamam had been examining multiple strategies to meet its objectives of the largest newspaper in India, which could only be achieved if the management successfully stimulate the readership of their newspaper.

Along with increasing competition in the local market, the exclusionary policies of trust on advertising made the task more difficult. On the other hand, the threat of new entrants and expansion of news channels also joined the fast track. In the presence of these threats, what would be the most appropriate strategy to move forward? The writers are affiliated with Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode.

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Madhyamam Newspaper: Which Way Forward?

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