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MacroMarkets co-founder and CEO Samuel Masucci III found a strategic partner for the firm. Co-founded by Professor Robert Shiller of Yale University, the main innovation MacroMarkets "is" MacroShare ", which allows investors to take long or short, or borrowed unlevered, positions based on the value of any index. Masucci and Schiller and hope MacroShares can help investors hedge all types of macroeconomic risks, including the impact of housing. Firm "battle-tested" two products - one is connected with oil, and one related to housing - with varying success, and evaluates its strategy for the future. Specifically, Masucci doubts MacroShare structure may come to replace the ETF as the dominant technology for the index of trade. "Hide
by Robin Greenwood, Luis M. Viceira Source: Harvard Business School 20 pages. Publication Date: July 23, 2010. Prod. #: 211006-PDF-ENG

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