M Power Micro Finance: Early Battle for Survival Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When M Power Micro Finance was set up in the Indian state of Gujarat in 2009, a number of challenges in the microfinance market made it hard for the business to survive. Months after the founding, the financing industry of M Power was hit by a repayment catastrophe that eroded profitability and self-assurance in the business.

With public sentiment turning against microfinance associations, the bright growth prospects of M Power unexpectedly evaporated and its CEO fought to keep the business afloat. The stream of capital into the microfinance sector dried up, along with the management of funds had to be closely tracked on a monthly basis. The CEO's woes were not over: as the situation worsened, some of his business partners left the organization. The organization 's future was unclear. As the industry began to show signs of recovery in 2013, however, persevere and the CEO hoped to secure a financing price.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 15, 2016 PRODUCT #: W15632-HCB-ENG

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M Power Micro Finance: Early Battle for Survival

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