LumiSmart (B): Answering the Call for Negawatts Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the established Toronto-boutique consulting firm is in the process of expanding its. core competencies of the company to a large extent on the mature technology sector in the new and rapidly growing field of clean technologies. During this time, General Manager introduced the inventor and entrepreneur who developed the technology signal that they claim will instantly reduce electricity consumption by 30 percent or more, when applied to a fluorescent light ballast. The duo will present CEO and his partners with a rough prototype, several patents expire on the brink, and only verbal confirmation that the technology can be demonstrated and certified. Director General intrigued potential of this radical new technology and must decide whether he will support the firm partners. The second part of the story explores how the development of this environmentally friendly technology can be funded. "Hide
by Stewart Thornhill, Ellen M. Brown Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 3 pages. Publication date: April 29, 2011. Prod. #: W11088-PDF-ENG

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LumiSmart (B): Answering the Call for Negawatts

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