New Century Brewing: Moonshot Caffeinated Beer Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

We discuss the introduction of a completely new drink to the U.S. market. New Century Brewing, which is owned by one of the founders of Boston Beer Co, a small brewer that outsourcing of third-party brewers. It consists of two products, light craft beer sold in upscale stores and restaurants, as well as caffeine beer, which is aimed at younger drinkers generally between 21 and 25 years.

Mission to the moon by the legendary masterbrewer, known as the "father of the light beer", was the first caffeinated beer in the world. The company is following a strategy of differentiation, which is trying to appeal to a small niche of customers traditionally ignored by larger brewers. Shortly after the introduction of each of its products, its major competitors introduced similar products. However, the mission to the moon has a first to market advantage, which could potentially be used. "Hide
by Chris Robertson, David Wesley Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 11 pages. Publication Date: August 18, 2005. Prod. # 905A14-PDF-ENG

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New Century Brewing: Moonshot Caffeinated Beer

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