Lotz of Food: The Perishable Team (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

How do you facilitate the replacement of a long mission in the new vision of the organizational restructuring? Ernesto Gomez, director of organizational development for food Lotz, a leading grocery retailer based in California, was asked to help the team move from perishable hierarchical and functions based on business units of one, which would have been more dynamic, versatile and active. Expectations were high, and came straight from the top of the organization. The case shows the steps Gomez takes to understand the problem. Among the issues on the development team, Gomez is in contrast to the lack of diversity among the leadership of the organization and is valid for the whole team. More troubling is the seeming lack of recognition of this organization - so that Gomez questioned his background made it more of a problem than it actually is. In case B, Gomez is becoming increasingly concerned that, as he thinks that his own biases and past experiences shape how he sees the situation. "Hide
by Martin N. Davidson, Gerry Yemen, Raul Munoz Source: Darden School of Business 2 pages. Publication date: April 19, 2010. Prod. #: UV1440-PDF-ENG

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Lotz of Food: The Perishable Team (B)

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