Lenovo: Countering the Dell Challenge Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Since its establishment in 1984, Lenovo Group Ltd. has grown from a company engaged primarily in the distribution of imported computers, being the largest IT-corporations in the People's Republic of China. Although, Lenovo was able to maintain its leadership position in the market, competitive pressure from Dell, IBM, Toshiba, HP, and increases with a company with big hits, mostly in the hands of Dell. Participate in a series of price wars to keep the low end of the consumer segment, Lenovo is also struggling to maintain its stronghold in corporate sales of Chinese ministries and schools. With the PC market maturing rapidly in China, Lenovo main objective is to develop a business model that not only the fight direct model Dell, but also use the traditional strengths of the group. In order to meet the projected target group to become a Fortune 500 company in 2010, Lenovo was looking for by clicking on the international markets, as well as study the strategy of diversification of products in the local market. The Fix Lenovo, highlights the growing pain of many Chinese companies face in their efforts to become global players, protecting their share in the domestic market from foreign competition. "Hide
by Yigang Pan, Kavita Web Source: University of Hong Kong, 18 pages. Publication Date: January 10, 2005. Prod. #: HKU356-PDF-ENG

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Lenovo: Countering the Dell Challenge

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