Effective Communication: Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Effective Communication: Case Study Solution

Considering the concerns of fathers or husbands, it is to inform that none of the girl is a princess in the entire region of America. It is to encourage the girls and women of America to be tough and to assist them in the determination of their potential of doing more as compared to what they think they are able to do. Similarly, there seems no strong perception about feminism or alluring about the uniform of a military. The military uniform is primarily designed in terms of keeping the sexuality out of the corporate culture. Furthermore, the military pay scale of both males and females is undifferentiated i.e. no negotiated salarieseliminates the perception over undervaluing or under-compensation as compared to men.

The primary objective of the military is associated with the provision of training to all soldiers to make them authority figures and effective decision-makers.Based on the fact, women tend to be skilled strategists, critical thinkers, and adept negotiators.But still, men heavily dominate the Armed forces not in the American military but across the world.Allowing women to register for the draft would be a significant change in the women's role but nothing more than that i.e. being gender-neutral. (Antoine, 2016)

In contradiction, opposing women on registering for the draft is based on the fact that Selective Service is all about the security of the nation in catastrophic emergency situations rather than being associated with the rights of women. The draft system that has been currently implemented allows registers of all the men of age from 18-25 tends to be the relatively low policy of cost insurance serving as the backup to all the volunteers of the American military. In case of any devastating attack on Americafrom no less than one direction, the requirement of a tough fight would exceed the ability of all the volunteers ofthe American military.

But in case, if the legislation regarding the registration for the women's draft is approved, then it would be essential to include women equally for any call for draftees which might turn out to be counterproductive. The majority of the women in the American military are not positioned in the front combat lines rather serve as supporters. Considering the objective of military conscription, this is primarily associated with the replacement of the troops killed or wounded in the battlefield in emergency situations rather than providing them with support troops. (Berry, 2017)

Considering the decision of the Supreme Court in 1981, a 6-3 male draft was considered constitutional based on the reason that women lacked eligibility to perform combat roles. But, with respect to change in time,women tend to significantly demonstrate capabilities to be eligible for the registration of the draft in comparison to men. (Korte, 2019)Therefore, the argument on whether the women should register the draft based on the discussion is thought to be in favor of the women.


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