Microsoft Corporation- Strategic case analysis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Microsoft Corporation- Strategic case analysis Case Solution

The company was formed to develop BASIC interpreters but then goes into the computer software market with its first operating system MS-DOS. Since then, the company flourished as one of the leading computer hardware and software company. Currently it has vast portfolio of soft and hard products. The Current Mission statements and Vision of the company is:


The strategy of the company is to make consider convenience and productivity in the design, planning and production of its products. The company emphasis on quality and the durability of its products, not only products the company has engaged itself as service provider and ensures best possible services with latest technological orientation.


The objective of the company is coinciding with its vision and strategy. It aims to revitalize the business processes and increase the process productivity by providing competent solution to the business, both by their software and hardware products. The company has more focus on the cloud computing, considering the modern technological era. This is the reason that, even the new tablets and smartphones by the company has cloud functions and easy file sharing across devices. The convenience and accessibility is the company’s main element for its products, and it is focused on to provide rich experience of personal computing to its customers by the combination of all of the modern technological functions including software, hardware, and cloud computing.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of a company gives the comprehensive overview of the organization’s core business and activities. It gives direction to the organization and helps in formulating and recognizing its goals and objectives.Our products provide solutions to businesses and individuals,designed and created by using the competitive modern technologies.”

External Opportunities and Threats

1 Smartphone market is growing rapidly in the middle east and Asia
2 Strategic Alliance with Nokia, can be used to boost the smartphone business segment
3 Increment of people interest in the use of cloud computing
4 Under-developed cloud platforms, provides growth for the company
5 There is great demand of portable computing equipment’s such as tablets and notebooks
6 Othercompetitors have devices that are less provides diversified file sharing technologies among devices.
7 Growth and competitiveness throughacquisitions
8 Demand of technologies with artificialintelligence such as eye gaze technology
9 Use of modern gaming technologies to build Xbox games
10 Market focus on innovative products
1 Increased competition in the computer market
2 Declining demand for computers
3 The smartphone window OS is complex as compare to other OS (Android)
4 Easy entrance for new companies in smartphone industry
5 Declining state of ailing PC industry such as Dell, there might be other as well in future
6 Device manufacturers starts developing and preferring their own OS
7 Wide availability of software engineers and experts
8 Open source applications and shared knowledge, provides rival companies to develop at fast pace
9 High volatility of technology industry
10 Change in customer needs and demand for technology

Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)

    Microsoft Apple Google
Critical Success Factors Weight Rating  Score Rating   Score   Rating    Score 
Advertising 0.08 2 0.16 3 0.24 4 0.32
Market Penetration 0.05 2 0.10 3 0.15 4 0.20
Advance Technology 0.09 3 0.27 4 0.36 2 0.18
updates and business solutions 0.10 4 0.40 3 0.30 2 0.20


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Microsoft Corporation- Strategic case analysis

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