Learning Through Alliances: General Motors and NUMMI Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Although unions often provide valuable opportunities for learning, the use of options, it is difficult, frustrating, and often misunderstood process. Most often, the company will learn about some of its alliance partners. Considering General Motors (GM) and its exploitation learning opportunities created NUMMI, its alliance with the California Toyota. Over the past few decades, GM has steadily and significantly improve the quality and performance relative to its main competitors. A key factor in this improvement was the knowledge passed on by Toyota and NUMMI NUMMI to GM. Describes how GM referred "sticky" knowledge NUMMI initially skeptical community in production GM. The study of the mechanisms used included managerial job NUMMI, visits and excursions to NUMMI, technical liaison office to manage training activities, management commitment and involvement in the process of teaching and learning network for production and dissemination of knowledge. "Hide
by Andrew C. Inkpen Source: California Management Review 24 pages. Publication Date: Aug 01, 2005. Prod. #: CMR320-PDF-ENG

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Learning Through Alliances: General Motors and NUMMI

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