Kat Rose Inc. – Sponsoring All-Star Cricket: A Selling Dilemma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kat Rose had been offering the services of hospitality for corporate events and conferences for small strategic business since its inception in 2009. The company’s headquartered was situated in Mississauga, Ontario.  In 2009, it received an offer of organizing a cricket match in Toronto, as it had marked various success. However, this opportunity might help Kat Rose to expand its existing service portfolio as it never worked for such events. In order to obtain sponsorship, it contracted with Universal Productions, an ethnic marketing agency. The company through its promotion plan, mainly targeted to South Asian and West Indian communities in the city.

Although, On May 12, 2012, before 10 weeks from the International Cricket All-Star T20 was scheduled to start at the Rogers Centre, Toronto, only $60,000 had been collected; $750,000 was needed for the breakeven. The company’s thinktank drew four options: put some more efforts for Universal Productions and wait for the results, provide some financial assistance to it in order to enhance current performance, shift to a different agency that has already marked some achievements in this field or enhance the existing sales force to increase the focus on countertrade barter agreements. Each of the four alternatives is accompanied with a different set of challenges and required different expertise, knowledge, and risk. As the intense time limitations required an immediate implementation of any change. What could be the future plan for Kat Rose?

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Kat Rose Inc. – Sponsoring All-Star Cricket: A Selling Dilemma

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