Leadership Development At Goldman Sachs Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question # 1
Why is Goldman Sachs considering a more systematic approach to developing leaders?
Goldman Sachs is considering a more systematic approach to developing leaders as the number of the employees had been significantly increasing in which around 10,000 of the employees had joined the company. In which around 5000 employees had been working at Goldman Sachs on the year 1989. After 10 years in the year 1999, the total number of employees increased more than 15,000. The company had been in a growing stage in which its revenue was significantly increased compared to the previous years. This showed that the size of the company had been expanding throughout the years and the managers were finding difficulty in leading that many people.
Current Situation for developing leaders
There were various complications with the current training program as it did not show that managers did not have the skills for closing the deals with its clients and managing the increasingly complex and global organization diversity. Some of the executives of the Goldman Sachs believed that the training program should be more systematic for developing the leading skills to managerial directors. The current training program also lacks well-established team culture in which the executive decision to establish a leadership culture to the Goldman Sachs training program which would establish a team culture among the employees. The firm had been constantly expanding due to mergers and acquisition which led to constant changes in the culture of Goldman Sachs. The leaders of Goldman Sachs were finding difficulty in managing the culture due to lack of training.
Leadership Development At Goldman Sachs Harvard Case Solution & Analysis
One of the executive Blankfein mentioned that the only way for managing the culture would be through developing better leadership skills to the managers by developing a new training program.
Goldman’s Chief Operating Officer Thain and Thorton had been given the responsibility for improving the culture of the company in which they had made a comparison to the General Electric workouts of team-based and problem-solving session to the leaders which had overall improved the company performance and build better work. The COO desires to adopt the same leadership style on the Goldman Sachs for building a team based culture in the company.
The New Systematic Approach fordevelopingleaders
The leadership committee developed a new professional leadership development approach which would overall improve the training program. The main objective which the committee developed is to improve the firm’s asset which is the people by providing them with the necessary talent and skills for better learning. Another key element was to maintain the culture strength through a rapid growth in which of the employees would have shared cultural values. Finally for building the most outstanding leaders which would help in achieving the business objectives.
The committee decided to launch leadership programs which would improve the performance of the employees in Goldman Sachs leading to overall improvement in the efficiency and productivity.For further understanding as for why Goldman Sachs had been considering on implementing a more systematic approach for developing the leaders, we adopt the organizational development strategy for further improving Goldman Sachs learning process(Management Guru, 2014)..................

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