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The three main and essential needs of the human body are Air, Water and Food. Nutrition required by the human body for saving an adequate amount of energy for performing and functioning are extracted out of the food, air and water. Without the consumption and usage of these three elements, it would be impossible for humans to survive or live.

Not only the consumption of water is important, however it is of the same importance that the water being consumed by humans is safe and filtered. The sole reason of water is to keep the human body hydrated and energetic. If the consumed water is not safe and pure of germs and other harming components, the human body might face opposite consequences.

Unfortunately, still there are places in which the public is unable to access clean water. In general, the population residing in the rural areas has less or no access to clean water which directly affects their health and results in an increase in the level of diseased patients due to unhealthy water consumption. In rural areas the public has no freedom or power over selection with regards to drinking water. The sole existence of water is a virtue in such locations where people are craving for drinking an adequate amount of water. In such conditions, it is not feasible for them to demand pure and clean water.

This is not the case in developed and urban areas. In the urban form of lives, water is perceived to provide them with essential nutrients required by the human body.The need is present in such populations, but the need is supported by the selection criteria that allow them to choose and drink only the safest form of water. Public in such areas prefer that they are provided with the cleanest and the most pure form of water (Dr. Shrikant et al, 2012).

Water is an essential element required by the human body. Water helps the human body in performing a number of functions. Water not only keeps the human body hydrated but it also regulates and controls the body temperature. Water also acts as a solvent and as a vehicle for transporting the nutrients and waste materials in the body through inter and intracellular spaces and vascular systems. Consumption of food provides the human body with a number of nutrients and proteins that are essential for it to function.

The requirement of water varies from individuals to individuals. Some individuals might require a higher level of consumption of water, whereas some individuals would be requiring comparatively lower water consumption levels.The requirement for water can also vary from time to time and can also be influence by the actions of the external stimuli.

Defluoridation of Flouride Concentration in Water

Globally, the public is aware about the importance of water purification and how dangerous it can be for the human body to consume unhygienic or impure water. A number of diseases have come into existence due to consumption of water that contains germs and bacteria. The world perceives this issue a threat that can affect negatively on a global level..............................

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