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Leadership Assignment

The submission of the course’s report in reflective writing format was an important task as I considered it the essence of various stages of learning throughout the course.  The report discusses and reflects the key working experiences in context of the leadership and the key findings which have been observed during the completion of the course and its impact on myself and the leadership actions in the future.

Current Company that I work for (general)

I have been working for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMI) for the past 12 years. Toyota Motor has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of vehicle with market share of approximately 33 percent for domestic market in the year 2013. Toyota Motors has approximately 5000 employees with the production capacity of 180,000 units per year. As one of Toyota’s affiliates, the company strongly adopts the culture and value from its principal that will be further explained in the next part of the report.

However, after graduating from university with Industrial Engineering background, I joined the company Toyota Motor and worked in various pilot projects within the company relating with the development of supply chain of export and import of a number of vehicles from various countries around the world. Initially, during the early years at job the basic scope was more focused on technical matters however, this changed completely as the challenges and responsibilities in the job increased as compared to the initial period where the scope and responsibilities were limited to a certain extent. In fact, after the first year at Toyota Motor, my job scope was enhanced and expanded which dedicated a team under my supervision and I had to handle the team along with looking at the operations at the same time. The company launched global operations’ department and I was made to work in Toyota Asia Pacific regional office in Singapore for almost a year. My job responsibility was to assist and support the project activities among all the affiliated regional functions of the company. This was quite an experience where I got the opportunity to learn a lot about work and people management.

During the year 2009, I was promoted to the role of assistant manager of the recently established function for the business development. In the beginning, however, I intigued the task assigned to me amd with every passing year; I actually started doubting myself and my credentials and even my worth for this job. My major responsibility was to set-up new business units within the company to enable and improve the overall profitability of the company and eliminated unnecessary functional operations in the company. Basically, the department was responsible for the internal consultation within the company and our team directly reported to the Board of Directors. This was quite a unique experience to work directly with the management and they were assigning routine daily task to me and my team. I have been quite lucky in this sense that I was promoted to the management position where though I struggled a lot but I even learned a lot of new things, people management skills, communications skills, leadership traits and qualities. Throughout the experience, I have tried to judge myself and my performance all the way to understand how leaders react and respond to different situations.


With so many challenges and opportunities that I have experienced during my tenure at Toyota Motors, I have had several questions related to the working performance and leadership context as follows:

How is my performance as a leader in my job? Am I a good leader?

Does the promotion valid as a proof that I’m an effective leader? Once, I tried to look for an inspiring leadership model and it made me realize that too?

How to assess whether I have the required skills to be an effective leader? The next question is how to posses those qualification as an effective leader? IN other words how to improve my leadership skills?

What I should consider as an important issue in the future as a leader?

The above questions illustrate the below par understanding of leadership. However, as I learned the theories of leading and managing people in a complex world; it turned out in the following manner:

1.1              Model of leadership within contemporary environment

Initially when I heard the word leadership, the first thing that popped up into my mind was the leadership at the company and the General Managers within the firm. However, initially my understanding about leadership and its theories was quite vague, but with the information and leadership theories presented I actually got to know about various aspects about leadership.

Theories of leadership

-          Leader is someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority

-          Leadership is the process of influencing a group to achieve goals (Robbins et al 2012, p. 604)

-          There is a continuing controversy about the difference between leadership and management.  According to Dubrin (2006, p. 4) there are several key distinction between management leadership as follows:

Management is more formal and scientific than leadership. It relies on universal skills such as planning, budgeting, and controlling. Management is an explicit set..........................

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Leadership Assignment

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