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Delta Airlines has started a project to rebuild the works rations 2 and 3 at Los Angeles International Airport, after obtaining a contract to change the facilities, with flights facing issues due to an unavailability of the airport workstations. The new agreement will provide the firm with an access to 24 new- gates at the airport, which will help them in improving their process as well as their performance.

Variety of Qualitative Research Methods

There are a several qualitative research methods, such as: in-depth interviews, center groups, customs research, these are most frequently used.

In-depth Interview   

Supervising an in-depth interview is one of the most frequent qualitative research method, in which there a personal interview takes place with only one respondent at a time. These usually happen on phone calls or via video calling.

Center Groups

The Center group is also one of the most frequent qualitative research methods. The center group usually includes 5 to 10 people, who are from your specific target group.

The main purpose of the center group is to know the response to the “why” and “how” questions. Nowadays,center groups are breakthroughs online network and their responses can also be seen and their answers can also be watched online.

Designs of observation studies

The observational design is divided into descriptive, including:division into case description or case pattern as well as association and numbers that include the division, case management and the collection studies. Every research design has its own uses and restrictions.

And as I can also see if the smart use of free-span and the planning of new workstations help in making a process efficient for all customer related work,which would save small amount of time at each point . As Delta Airline's Executive,I will also determine if Delta Airlines is generating sufficient revenues from its rebuilding estimates as the bags,ticketing and safety system all provide Delta Airlines a very easy and visible presence among all the airlines operating in the US.

As a research Executive, I can conduct a sufficiently brief research on customers’response regarding the previous rebuilding of the services and study,in order to know that whether the customer’s queries are took into consideration or not. I can also find sufficient past data and use that data to understand the developments which are accomplished through the rebuilding of the building. I will also conduct a researchon the in depth interview with the workers regarding their work at the newly built workstations around the world so that I could compare and understand the strengths and weakness of the system in order to conduct an accurate analysis on our industry........................

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