Md Anderson Intedisiplinay Centre Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Traditionally, the approach of treating different diseases followed certainprotocols that made the diseases treated in variousdomains. Forexample, if a person has lung cancer, only the physiologist with certain experiencein it will deal with it in a uni-directionalway. Theinput of the patients isminimal, and the communication isone way, which leads to different issues, like the resentment developed in apatient due to improper knowledge of the phenomenon of cancer, the inadequateknowledge to the patient'scaretaker and the shallowreach on the patterns of the patient disease.This approach leads to severedisasters and ultimately dissatisfaction.

However,nowadays, the latestmethod of adopting interdisciplinary centers have emerged keeping in view the results harvested from thetraditionalapproach. The multidisciplinary centers enable the patient to have a broad exposure to the different dimensions of eh disease. They also help the patientto identifythe disease, its type, its severity which is given by the experts or nutritionist.Moreover, the patient may receiveadvice about the diet intake through the course of treatment. The multi-disciplinarycentersenable the engagement of patientsandhelp the healthcareunderstand the underpinning issues that are the root causes of patients’ dissatisfaction.In doing so, the multi-disciplinarycenters makedifferent team which incorporates the social workers, nutritionist, physicians, and practitioners.The role of these members is to facilitate the patient and the management of the healthcare at thesametime, resolvingand proposing the solutions in the bestinterest of eh both parties. This approach enhancesthe satisfaction,Knowledge, and outcomes of any particular cancer. In fact,a more complex phenomenon has emerged driven by both pathology and molecular phenotype. Thecomplexity has demanded the multi-disciplinarycenters to work and hold aposition in thesociety. The multi-disciplinarycenter's prime focus on the patient, the all other things are secondary. The approach helps the patient in multipleways, for example offering pre-knowledge about the symptoms of cancers through libraries dedicated to cancer research, the nutrient plan for people suffering from thepatient, the social advises and uplifts for cancer patients whose cancer is exposedto mouth or skin cancer.Thismultidimensional scope helps in maintaining the satisfaction of the patient and trust in theservice. Moreover, it helps the centers understand the underlying pertinent factors thatthe cancerpatientfeels and suffers from, other the “disease.”

Md Anderson Intedisiplinay Centre Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In practicing such approach, the IPU structure best supports the implementation.Though the application takes the challenging path, yet the structure supports the dissemination of the boundaries of different domains into one unit- a team. Thestructuressupport the integration of different department into an organizationwhich helps the healthcareto achieve its aim of offering a better service which is only patientoriented. It, in turn,reflects back in thefinancial of the healthcare and the Reputation It enroots in thesociety. Lastly, it helps the patients of cancer to feel cared about, and treated as an asset. Most of the time in traditional structure, patients leave the service and not the hospital because they believe they are treated as an experimental object and not as ahuman.

2-      Structure of Head and Neck

The structure of Head and Neck Center incorporates practitionerspreferablythose who have completed their residency. The MD Anderson constitutes different teams of Neck and Head Surgeons in which only can be trained from outside, the team of head and neck oncologist and the team of practitioners.These all teams havean individual quota which is set by the management to maintain the benchmark of the service provided.It treatsnearly 50000 patients a year with cancer specifically in Head and Neck region..........................

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