Lamont Golf Club: What Next Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Lamont, a private golf club, survived another year, but it was not like the good old days when the queue to join was a long, environmental issues were not front and center, and outside events as a source of income were plentiful. General Manager has to work through the change of the environment and the current situation on Lamont to set a new direction for the club. As the club grow, given the old and new clubs draw existing and potential members of Lamont, lower corporate budgets to support golf trips, and the competition for charity tournaments and events, such as weddings? As general manager of the achievement of expected profits to increasing costs by at least 10 percent per year? "Hide
by Donald Barclay Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 8 pages. Publication Date: December 16, 2010. Prod. #: W10003-PDF-ENG

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Lamont Golf Club: What Next

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