Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd: The Sun Sets on Its Mining Operations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Kudremukh is a breathtaking mountain range in Chickamagalur district, Karnataka, India. Three rivers originate here and are an important lifeline for South India, is ecologically very sensitive. National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) conducted reconnaissance surveys in 1967 and received a mining license from the Government of Karnataka on the area 5218 hectares. In 1969, the Indian government was swimming in public sector enterprises, Kudremukh iron ore company (KIOCL), NMDC and turned it over a 30-year mining lease to KIOCL. Most of the surrounding communities have been concerns about the possible consequences of massive mining operations in the area of ​​primary forest. KIOCL mining activities have flourished, making it the largest company in Asia for mining and pelletizing. However, in 1985, the Government of Karnataka, said the region Kudremukh National Park under Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972, to ensure the effective protection of the rich flora and fauna in the region. Area rented KIOCL was an enclave in the southern part of the park, and mining began witnessing the opposition in 1995, with the wildlife of natural resources and environmental protection organizations staged rallies and riots against operations KIOCL. Activists have filed numerous petitions to the Supreme Court, asking the court to stop the activities of KIOCL Kudremukh in order to protect from the damaging effects of mining. The case focuses on important issues related to shareholders compared with the interested parties in the context of the current liability of environmental degradation, increasing environmental awareness in Indian society, and subsequent changes in the law. "Hide
by KN Murthy, DVR Seshadri Source: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 18 pages. Publication Date: January 1, 2009. Prod. #: IMB333-PDF-ENG

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Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Ltd: The Sun Sets on Its Mining Operations

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