How Facts Change Everything (If You Let Them) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Edward R. Tufte, author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information along with other classics of information revelation, says that businesses would reflect better, make better decisions and present themselves more potently if they would just learn to speak - both amid themselves and externally -in facts. To present themselves and their commodities better and more seriously, Tufte advocates that firms concentrate on delivering facts (rather than pitches), provide as many of those facts as they can, not count on the advertising department to allow it to occur, and look to news sites and scientific publication for models of accomplishment.

In particular, he argues that Google Inc. is where most firms should turn for design inspiration, and Tufte continues his assessment of the corrosive influence that he says presentation software has on presumed. Following his big thoughts about information presentation, he says, will assist companies differentiate themselves.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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How Facts Change Everything (If You Let Them)

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