Knowledge-Sharing Hostility in Russian Firms Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Considers knowledge in business environments and cultures that are hostile to knowledge sharing, focusing on the exchange of knowledge as it relates to individual behavior. Looks at the knowledge treasure, fears of failure, and not invented here syndrome, based on examples from six Russian companies, including three with the western property. In knowledge-sharing hostile environments, it is inadequate to use traditional means to manage knowledge sharing processes. Instead of encouraging, promoting and align incentives, managers need first to get the knowledge to transform their organization into a comprehensive knowledge of culture. The contours of the specific recommendations for overcoming barriers to knowledge sharing. "Hide
on Snejina Mikhailova, Kenneth Husted Source: California Management Review 21 pages. Publication Date: April 1, 2003. Prod. #: CMR254-PDF-ENG

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Knowledge-Sharing Hostility in Russian Firms

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