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The paper is about the adoption of big data process in the knowledge management systems of the organizations including the e-governments. The big data knowledge management process has proven to be a very impressive and a blessing in disguise for these organizations.

This has enabled them to facilitate and process large amounts of data to generate relevant and much accurate information as compared to historical management systems and even manual procedures that were either too time consuming or impossible for the relevant authorities to carry out. The development and introduction of the big data has assisted these organizations immensely in overcoming these issues.

Big data has also been overwhelmingly adopted by the governments more specifically in the U.S, Europe and Asia as these are the developed and developing nations with comprehensive adoption of internet.

This has led these governments to introduce and adopt as per the changing society towards providing services through e-government platforms in the government to government, government to customers and government to business segments. Although big data has been a stable platform which can host large amounts of data for processing however, it does have its own limitations when processing large amounts of data in terms of both the quantity and the variety.


The purpose of this report is to identify and analyze the importance and necessity of the knowledge management through knowledge management systems.

The integration of big data has become critical nowadays due to such transformation of corporate culture and ways of doing business. The world has become a more integrated place due to the trend of globalization of the whole world into a global village.

The influences on decision making have increased due to this factor and due to this reason,it has become critical to adopt for the governments as well and increasing number of governments all over the world are adopting to this new trend and practice of knowledge management and big data.

The paper will assist the readers in realizing and studying the impact of knowledge management systems with the integration of the big data features on the ways of doing business and governing a country in case of governments all over the world. It will help us in understanding the advantages which will lead to effective management and control in the form of effective decision making by realizing what the best solution for the problem at hand is along with some risks and challenges that might come attached to it.

Literature review:

Knowledge management:

The knowledge management process among various entities can be best described as the process or framework of making the most appropriate information available to the right individuals at the right time.(J Liebowitz, 2010)

It is the process for reviving the knowledge and information gathering procedures in an organization to the best possible standards to promote the decision making abilities of the authorities in the governments or the managements of the organizations.

The term knowledge management is not clearly stated, defined and understood universally in a single way and there are some disagreements of the scope of it. This is due to the difference in hosting the manufacturing of new knowledge among various models and concepts regarding the subject.

The authors, Bukowitz and Williams, in their framework regarding the knowledge management co-relate the knowledge management functions of an organization directly with the operational and strategic planning of the organizations. While the authors, Davenport and Prussic, in their assessment in the model are of the view that knowledge management system is an approach of organizing through systematic and business culture process for maintaining, generating and processing tacit and expressible knowledge.(Klimko, 2001)............

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