Managing the Dark Side of Growth Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Growth is not linear, but a rollercoaster ride of adrenaline highs and gut-churning lows. Business leaders need the stamina and skill to shift their strategy when necessary to keep their companies on a sustainable growth path in the long term. The writers tracked more than 110 CEOs of young, innovative businesses from more than 20 different nations and several businesses for more than five years. Their research emphasizes an important paradox in handling increase: The same behaviours that are necessary or advantageous to grow a company in the good times can easily become traps in the bad. Having the capabilities to handle it, and being aware of this, notably increases the probability of success.

Managing the Dark Side of Growth Case Study Solution

Especially, the authors identify four shifts of mindset that leaders in explosive work environments need to make if they're to be powerful: from sticking to their guns, to working together with their critic; from being the central character, to turning into an enabler; from always being one step forward, to making sure everyone is on the exact same page; from living with extremes, to staying firmly on track. Above all, CEOs have to remain grounded in a powerful set of personal values, such as humility, kindness, patience and fair treatment, that will ultimately help organizations bounce back quickly to the sunny days of development and deal with the thunderstorms.


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Managing the Dark Side of Growth

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