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Mr. Olano was appointed to the Kami corporation owner, Ms. Lee, to be the general manager with a mandate to "straighten out the mess in the Kami." Mr. Key, production manager, expected to be offered this job. Kami is contract manufacturer for Aiwa TV and, therefore, a production-oriented company. There are constant problems with the implementation of production schedules. Mr. Key blames other agencies to address the problems, but resistant to r-Olano of "interference" in any area related to production , much less within the production department itself. Mr. Kee, and six key production engineers and the manager came out of the mega corporations, holding Ms. Lee, where they worked in the activity television assembly. They live, work and communicate with each other . Mr. Olano not an engineer and has no experience in manufacturing or in general management, he has little experience at Mega than Mr. Kee and younger. Nevertheless, despite this situation, Mr. Olano should improve Kami performance and fulfill its mandate. "Hide
by Donald J. Lecraw Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 9 pages. Publication date: 05 Oct 1997. Prod. #: 97G008-PDF-ENG

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