Emergence of Emerging Technologies Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What is the breaking point of radical technological change? The gap is usually not a radical advance in the technology itself, but rather due to the shift of the existing technical line in the new field of application. Apparent revolutions, such as wireless communications and the Internet are not related to an isolated technical breakthrough, but rather their exciting commercial impact has been achieved when the existing technology was reused in a new application domain. Biological concept of speciation events that form the basis for the theory of punctuated equilibrium, can reconcile the process of incremental technical change with radical changes associated with the transition of existing technology to a new application domain. This concept can help managers to cope with, and may use such processes of change. "Hide
by Ron Adner, Daniel A. Levinthal Source: California Management Review 19 pages. Publication Date: 01 Oct 2002. Prod. #: CMR241-PDF-ENG

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Emergence of Emerging Technologies

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