K2: Brotherhood of the Rope (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Chris Warner led a team of experienced climbers on an expedition to reach the summit of K2, the second largest in the world. After an unsuccessful attempt to succeed in their first few attempts, Warner and his team collected the other teams hoping to reach the top, and representing eight different countries, working together to achieve success. Their history is full of examples of the story, where in some cases the management point of view was taken, and the other times it was not. Successes and failures of the approach of the expedition makes a break with the history of real-world examples and offers exciting scope to accommodate the theoretical concepts of team-building and leadership. Although, based on the written case series also includes additional multimedia supplement offers compelling photos and videos for students and teachers. Case is a difficult moment in the campaign climbers. After the tragic death of another Sherpa team, Warner must decide the case if his team should abandon their summit push or continue forward "Hide
by James G. Clawson, Gerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 25 pages. Publication Date: November 14, 2008. Prod. #: UV1072-PDF-ENG

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K2: Brotherhood of the Rope (A)

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