1.     Introduction:

Purolator is a Canadian based courier company which provides freight and parcel solution. The company was leading the market with 28% of the market share. The company was leading the Canadian market and expanded its business within 30 cities of the United States as well, in order to facilitate the movement of parcel volume from the US to Canada as the US is the largest trading partner of Canada.

According to the Marker/Lerger Corporate Reputation Survey of 2013, Purolator ranked 19th among the 100 Canadian courier brands. It had maintained the largest fleet of hybrid-electric pick-up and delivery vehicles in North America. In addition, its award winning Tackle Hunger program had helped the company to transport the equivalent of more than 3 million kilograms of food to the food banks across Canada. Furthermore, the company was owned by the Canada Post, a Crown corporation and the national post carrier of Canada which held 91% of stock in the Purolator.

The company had begun in 1960 with the servicing Eastern Canada with only two staffers which had later grown to become the country’s largest courier company in 2013. Moreover,during the same year of December 2013, the company had earned approximately $1.6 billion of revenues with $66.2 million of profit at the end of year. The company considered that it handled over one million parcels per day with very a small number of errors.Purolator had focused to provide quality performance and for this reason it had maintained a numerous repetitive process for every movement of its operations. The company also sought to bring big innovative change in the organization but it also realized that it wouldn’t be an easy task to do. However, Purolator was determined by the revelation of being the leading contributor of incorporated transportation and logistics solution within, to and from Canada, which it had achieved and become one of the leading companies in Canada. However, it had this leadership position since its five-divided value system. The value systemof the company was serving as guidepost of all its actions. The five pronged value system consisted of;

  1. People First in which the employees of the company were hired for attitude and trained for skills and expertise.
  2. Customer Focus in the company aimed at enhancing and improving the experience of customers with the company.
  3. Corporate Stewardship which aimed to intensifying the communities it served.
  4. Transparency which aimed to being open and honest.
  5. Lastly, Performance Excellence in which the company was successful.

Furthermore, Purolator had 170 operations facilities countrywide, 120 retail centers, with 580 authorized agents and 260 drop boxes. In addition, the company had two contact centers in which more than 20,000 calls, live chats and emails and been responded by the representatives at call centers.Moreover, the company had a wide range of transport means such as chartered aircraft, courier vehicles, medium trucks, highway trailers, tractors, and other ground support equipments. Purolator have a pool of skilled employees which are 12000 in numbers and above 3500 couriers who are responsible to directly interfaced with the customers.The company was focused to serve the business customers and thus, it was involved in B2B (business-to-business) sphere. However, the new developments in the postal industry such as digitalization had affected many businesses in this field nevertheless, Purolator was not much affected by this development due to the reason that it was in the business of moving parcels which were tangible items and could not be digitized. Purolator had positioned itself as a one-stop logistics provider for medium sized firms which are not able to invest in distribution centers....................

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