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Answer 3:

In the quarterly quota system, the company can easily allocate cash budget because the period for quarterly is comparatively smaller than the annual quota system. Jive Software Company allocates cash budget based on quarterly period. While defining and reviewing the pricing strategy is concerned, the particular function can easily be performed in quarterly basis than in annual basis (Ingram, LaForge, Avila, Schwepker, & Williams, 2012). Moreover, Periodic revenues are easily achievable and measured in the quarterly system, which makes it better than the annual quota system. Lastly, the resources which include money and time, could be easily managed in quarterly quota system than in an annual quota model. A particular model shall be maintained which would neither be too long nor it shall be too small. If the company goes for a shorter quota system then it would create a lot of pressure on the sales team of the company. However, if the company goes for a longer quota system then it would make their employees less productive and lazy.

The adverse effect may include the pre-announcement of the quota when the quarter period is on the move, since the sales representatives were reluctant to add information in the website, this may include future quota for the company. Therefore, Jive Software Company shall adopt a quota system of less than or equal to 15 days.

Answer 4:

A learning curve is defined as a process of an increase in learning of an individual. However, when the particular model is applied in sales, this refers to the learning of the company and its sales representatives to target those customers and areas, and through those methods which are feasible and attractive for the company. Therefore, Jive Software must provide the feasibility and the worth for each territory and the required methods that could allow their employees to attract their customers. Moreover, the potential for each employee and the potential for each territory must be defined which may co-relate with each other to create awareness amongst its customers. Furthermore, as the learning of increasing sales occur through training sessions and experience, employees focus on increased sales which tends to increase the revenues of the company (Lesie & Holloway, 2006).

Answer 5:

In order to explain the financial losses and the failure to meet the sales target by its employees to the investors, the company needs to point out the different business related issues and their core reason to the investors. The cause and effect of the problems must be identified by the company before presenting the current situation by the company. Moreover, the investors are more concerned about maximizing their wealth instead of the strategies applied by the company’s top management. The company must outline the strategies that were enforced to meet the targets outlined by the company, while describing the roles and responsibilities for each department and key personnel. Anything that shall be outlined or highlighted by the company must be based on evidence as convincing investors on the basis of verbal explanations would not be sufficient enough to provide valid arguments. Lastly, the company shall recommend a contingency plan in coping up with the current financial losses and to provide step by step suggestions along with its feasibility.

Answer 6:

While mitigating the problems in the sales force, John McCracken shall motivate its sales workforce so that they shall maintain and drive the performance for the company. The most important aspect of making employees to become productive is to motivate employees. The company can offer rewards and bonuses for maintaining the performance by employees on consistent basis. Furthermore, the company needs to hire new talent and to train them in order to meet effective sales target set by the company. The increase in sales would lead to an increase in the cost in the short run, while it would give the company fruitful returns in the long-run.

Moreover, the company shall identify its key performance indicators so that it may know if the company is moving towards profitability or towards losses. However, the company shall also identify the leading indicators which would help the company in determining the worrisome behavioral market patterns, that should ring the alarm for marketing team. This would aid in the preparation against the outcome by formulating strategies. Lastly, the company should allow its employees to spend time with their customers in order to remain up to date about their future requirements and needs. Interaction with customers could lead to greater satisfaction and increase in the retention rate...........................

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