JetBlue Airways: New Beginning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

JetBlue Airways has grown rapidly since its founding in 2000, focusing on the provision of low-cost services to the previously insufficient cities, giving passengers a high quality experience ("what humanity back to air travel"). Ice storm at Kennedy February 14, 2007 led to one thousand one hundred ninety-five flights canceled for six days and grounded some planes on taxiways for hours. JetBlue, previously regarded as one of the best airlines (if not the best) for customer service, took extensive criticism from the public, the press and Congress. In addition, the disruptions caused by the storm has cost the company more than $ 41 million. In 2007, the storm highlighted shortcomings in JetBlue's operational infrastructure. Some top-down changes were made, but the disruptions caused by storms in summer 2008 showed that the ability of airlines to deal with irregular operations (IROPs) is woefully inadequate. The company establishes a program (IROP Integrity), who used the talents of more than 200 employees from all levels and in all parts of the airline to address these problems. This was done through the process of mapping, analysis of the causes and cross-discipline collaboration working on 100 projects to improve the technology and processes. In February 2010, a snow storm is much worse than in 2007, the event has once again violated the operations in JFK. This time, the airline was forced to cancel much less flights that were mostly done before the passengers arrived at the airport, the operation the next day, and the cost was a small fraction of the cost of the destruction in 2007. This case describes a project IROP its integrity origin, as executive sponsors, project management and organization, as well as the processes used for detection and improvement projects. He also describes the legacy IROP Integrity on JetBlue organization and culture. "Hide
by David W. Hoyt, Charles A. O'Reilly, Hayagreeva Rao, Kerry J. Sulkowicz Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 33 pages. Publication Date: September 13, 2010. Prod. #: L17-PDF-ENG

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