Delacroix Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Delacroix Case Solution

1.     Model for Change:

The powerful change equation was developed by Richard Beckhard and David Gleicher. This change management process describes five steps to help organizations to identify their need for change and to increase internal awareness.


In this step the organization needs to identify why the things need to change, and if the people in the organization are not satisfied, then it would be difficult for the organization to bring change. Moreover, the organization should include the perspective of customers and employees. In the case of Delacroix, the company’s mission is to bring new and modern dance to the customers, therefore, the company first needs to identify the customers’ perspective that either they want to change or not. Afterwards, it should also evaluate its external and internal environment to cultivate the best available opportunity and then it needs to decide that up to what extent the organization needs to bring change and at which area. Moreover, the organization should also gather information regarding the employees’ perspective that whether that change would be acceptable to employees or not. If the employees oppose to bringing the change, then it would become complex for the organization to bring change. Sometimes the organization feels the need of change due to the dissatisfaction of employees and high turnover. However, in the case of Delacroix, it seems like the organization needs to bring change to expand its business successfully. Furthermore, it should become a slightly customer oriented to get the insight about what they think about organization and what are positive points in its business.

Vision for the future:

It is a very critical step in the process of change as the employees usually don’t understand the future of the organization and their place in the organization. The management of the organization is responsible for sharing its vision with its employees. Delacroix’s vision is to explore more international market, therefore this vision should need to be shared with the other board members as well by describing the needs of the market. The management of the company should also depict the picture of change that what will be the impacts of change in the organization.


In this step, the management of Delacroix should make sure that what resources they need in order to bring the successful change in the organization. The organization should improve the skills of its employees to prepare them for a change. It is important for the employees to know that how they will go to contribute in the implementation of change.(Beckhard’s Change Equation, 2009)


If the sum of the above three factors is greater, then the change is possible. Resistance includes the belief of people in the limit of change. ((Beckhard and Harris' Change Equation). Employees of the organization usually resist in bringing the change in the organization. This is mainly due to the perception that whether the change will bring any problematic situation for them or how it will affect their lives and working requirement.

Action Plan:

Delacroix should do research on its customers in strengthening its business. Natalia can convince the other members of the board by describing the nature of research as what type of research they need to do. It is expected that the company wants to get an idea of why customers are buying tickets for the shows and why they are spreading positive word of mouth. Therefore, this would require qualitative customer research as it would enable the company to get the insight about what strategy it needs to make in the future and how Delacroix affects their lives. Natalia can convince the board by also relating the facts that by conducting research it would provide better shows which would attract more customers. Moreover, Natalia needs to find other ways to educate Henry and other members without pressuring them to create certain initiatives...............

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