Intrapreneurship at Alcatel-Lucent Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Intrapreneurship at Alcatel-Lucent Case Solution

1. How can Alcatel-Lucent try to reconcile a “big business” intolerance for failure with failure-prone entrepreneurship?

Although,Entrepreneurship is prone to failure however it is important for the competitiveness of the business, therefore a company needs innovation for the company as new and new competitors are coming in the market with advance technologies.In addition to this, innovation is the key to success nowadays.

The company should combine the business plans, and making it coincide with the company’s core business that came out from entrepreneurship into one big plan, which is firstly extensively tested to have market and business scope. This makes the combined plan a large business plan. Those who are involved in this ideas and plan making are included in the decision making and subsequently in the management of this new business. Firstly, a trial should be made for a specified period and then the performance should reanalyzed of the new business. If there are some issues then this should be solved and then a full scale operation is given green signal.

For those who are reluctant to this entrepreneurship concept such as managers, then these people should be involved in the entrepreneurship program.Moreover,external experts and consultant are hired to explain the pros and cons of this to those who are against it and convince them to think this as a prospect for future competitiveness. By doing thisthe opposing force will be convinced.

2. How should Leclerc design a forward-looking component (e.g., an exit plan) into entrepreneurship?

There was misconception among the employees that the campaign of entrepreneurship could be a way to make them prepare for lay-offs. However, the sole objective of this boot camp is to bring out the entrepreneur abilities of an individual. For the exit plan, Leclerc should provide the choice to that boot camp group to come up with an opportunity, which doesn't coincide with the company’s core business and to decide whether they want to leave the company and start their own venture. Furthermore, they should implement the business ideas or join another group, which has more innovative idea that is in line with the company’s business. If the first option is chosen, then the company should also offer them financial assistance for their work as encouragement. Another option might be to switch the career and work for other function, i.e. the new business plan.

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