Innovation and Leadership Values Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

U.S. leadership in technological innovation is an important source of national income and pride. In fact, recognizing that the advanced economies compete primarily on the basis of innovation, U.S. scientists were among the first leaders in the study and description of effective organizational approach to knowledge creation, sharing and utilization. However, despite the introduction of the option, U.S. firms seem to still use only a small part of their knowledge. While the U.S. still has a leading research universities in the world and is home to many international companies, the technology and innovation champion, fears are growing that business values ​​and practices necessary for the creation and sharing of knowledge and full use of innovative initiatives can not develop at the same pace in the U.S., as some of its major foreign competitors. Discusses some of the current criticisms and concerns about the management practices of U.S. firms and discusses the theory of control and behavioral requirements that are critical to maintaining global leadership in innovation competitiveness. "Hide
by Raymond E. Miles Source: California Management Review 11 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 2007. Prod. #: CMR385-PDF-ENG

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