Daktronics (C): Downsizing a Billion Dollar Dream Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

By 2009, the business was yielding a half billion dollars in sales per annum by making electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems, and big screen video displays using light emitting diode (LED) technology.

The dream of the creator was to grow the company to a billion dollars in sales. However, by the spring of 2010 the downturn in the United States had been suffering since 2008 had now produced negative earnings for Daktronics. Carla Gatzke, VP of Human Resources, admitted that she needed a strategy to further reduce staff costs during the length of the recession, yet respect company culture and its relationship with communities. The strategy would also need to position the business strategically for continuing growth.

PUBLICATION DATE: September 01, 2013 PRODUCT #: NA0236-PDF-ENG

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Daktronics (C): Downsizing a Billion Dollar Dream

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