Industrial Unrest at Tesco Cranes Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The owner of Tesco Cranes Engineers Pvt.Ltd. was considering the impact of various issues that had led to the closure of the business's sub-assembly plant in December 2012. Despite his several endeavors, he failed to prevent workers from joining a trade union that was regional in July 2012. Promptly after joining the trade union, workers had slowed down production and gone on strike. Afterwards, the plant had been shut by the owner. The company had endured a production decline as a result of the strike as well as the following plant closure. In view of these unforeseen occasions, the owner was confronting a predicament.

On one side, he had been wondering if he should take an intense action to subvert an identical circumstances from occurrence in other two Tesco Cranes Engineers Pvt. Ltd. plants in the future. On other side the owner was questioning whether it had been ethical of him to shut the sub assembly plant; he knew that this choice had left all of those workers helpless and unemployed, with the majority of the other two returning to their villages or doing menial work. Harshita Singh is affiliated with Management Development Institute.

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