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            The paper attempts to describe a brief overview of the research which is being conducted by the researcher which includes the impact of Information Technology (IT) on electronic marketing. The paper also attempts to discuss the literature review of the research topic in which the evolution of technology has been discussed along with the changing in trends and preferences of customers and companies in targeting their target markets.

Furthermore, the paper attempts to discuss the methodology of the research and the modes through which the research could be conducted. Moreover, the paper also highlights the research findings and conclusion for the particular research. Lastly, the paper discusses the research questions which have been listed in the research which provides in the understanding of impact of IT on electronic marketing(Hamidi & Safabakhsh, 2011).

The importance of personal computers and IT gadgets have become increasingly useful in the modern life of individuals since they have to interact with their friends, families, relatives, and many different people around the world in maintaining contact. However, individuals have tend to become depended upon the particular technology because it has become a necessity either in education or in performing job(Hamidi & Safabakhsh, 2011).

Throughout the days, Information Technology is replacing the old norms which had been the part of individuals. Books, newspapers, and encyclopedia are now overtaken by the IT gadgets, and seemingly it has become impossible for an individual to think of living a life without these gadgets. Individuals are continuously relying on these IT gadgets in finding answers to theirquestions and gaining knowledge about the world(Hamidi & Safabakhsh, 2011).

However, things have changed over the period of 5 to 10 years as the increase in Information Technology has also impacted the way businesses target their clients. Companies that have been focusing their movement based on customers have shifted their marketing focus from traditional advertisement towards internet-based advertisement and digital marketing(Krishnamurthy, 2006).

Literature Review

The impact of information technology on E. Marketing

The evolution of information technology has been a major factor which has been the element of success for the electronic marketing. Electronic marketing can be referred to the general use of the different digital media capabilities and the internet to actual help sell a product or service to the customers. These digital values are of greater value addition to the traditional marketing methods which care regardless of the size and the type of the business.

Along with this, E-marketing can also be called the internet marketing. In case of conventional marketing, electronic marketing basically helps in creating a strategy for business which also helps in delivering the appropriate message for the particular audience. Moreover, it also consists of all the different processes and activities that help in finding the purpose of the marketing activity.

Furthermore, it has changed the wider scope and it has also developed options which can be compared to the conventional marketing methods and modes. Along with this, e-marketing in the larger perspective helps in creating promotions over the internet where the marketing is carried by the modes of e-mail and the wireless media. E-marketing also helps and supports the digital customer data and the electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) and also quite a few other business management methods.

Impact Of It On E-Marketing Case Solution

E-marketing has also joined a technical and creative aspect over the internet which includes the development, advertising, design and also the sales. In E-marketing, the use of website in the combination with the online promotional technique where the search engine marketing, online ads, online directions, social media marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. Therefore, it can be said that the evolution of E-marketing has actually evolved quite significantly which has made the companies shift their focus from conventional marketing to the E-marketing methods.

The impact of IT on E-marketing has been quite positive. Ever since IT has evolved and ever since it has taken a step forward, the overall marketing has improved. Most of the companies now operate and advertise themselves through E-marketing where they use different marketing mediums and channels to reach out to the potential customers and consumers. In the recent past, it has been observed that some of the major brands have looked to distinguish themselves by offering digital marketing techniques which has not only helped but also evolved the overall methods and philosophy of digital marketing. Moreover, the concept of digital marketing has been one element that has helped organizations grow expand and implement marketing strategies all the way...............

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Impact Of It On E-Marketing

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