JetBlue Airways, A New Beginning Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

JetBlue Airways, A New Beginning Case Solution

This case explains the IROP Integrity task-- its origins, the function of manager sponsors, job management and company, and the procedures utilized to determine and perform enhancement tasks. It likewise explains the tradition of IROP Honesty on the JetBlue company and culture.

JetBlue Airways proliferated from its starting in 2000, concentrating on supplying affordable service to formerly underserved cities, while providing guests a top quality prior experience, ("bringing mankind back to flight"). An ice storm at JFK airport on February 14, 2007 triggered 1,195 flights to remain cancelled over a 6 day duration, and stranded numerous airplanes on the taxiway for numerous hours. JetBlue, formerly considered as among the very best airline companies (if not the very best) for customer care, took substantial criticism from the general public, press, and Congress. On top of that, the disturbances triggered by the storm cost the business over $41 million.

The 2007 storm emphasize shortages in JetBlue's functional facilities. Some top-down modifications were made, however interruptions triggered by thunderstorms in summer season 2008 showed that the airline company's capability to handle irregular operations (IROPs) was woefully insufficient. The business set up a solution (IROP Integrity) that made use of the skills of much more than 200 staff members, from all levels, and all parts of the airline company, to resolve these issues. This was done through procedure applying, source review, and cross-discipline co-operation dealing with 100 tasks to enhance both innovation and procedures.

In February 2010, an ice storm far even worse than the 2007 occasion once again interfered with operations at JFK. This time, the airline company needed to cancel far less tours, which were primarily done prior to travelers reached the airport, affairs the next day, and the expense was a little portion of the expense of the 2007 disturbance.

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JetBlue Airways, A New Beginning

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