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Although Paul Rogers, Mark Daniels and Eric Garfield are very enthusiastic and excited about this opportunity and they are right in every sense that they are capable of pulling this off as a success. The reality is starting a business is not as easy as it seems to us. Paul, Mark and Eric are very inexperience and they had no clue about what is takes to run a business or even start a business. They have this opportunity as business franchise is up for grasp but they need a lot of investment and a team who is well and truly capable of running a business and have some experience in that field. Than they can pull this off but right now they have no resources to start the business. All they have is a business plan in their mind. The most difficult part is raising money and they even don’t have strong connection in business sector who are willing to invest and take such kind of risk with these inexperience potential businessmen’s. Although Paul’s father Mr. Rogers have some friends who will be willing to invest and are ready to take risk but they too have some concerns over the implementation of this business idea. Even that will be not enough for them as it is mentioned in the case that even after getting some help from investors they are still short of half of the amount.

The other thing is there lack of knowledge about the Florida as they have never been to Florida. Even though Paul’s been there for vacations but he does not know anything about the opportunity of Ice cream business in Florida, they don’t know about the existing competitors of similar product line and they don’t know the demographics of the area. Even they don’t know about the customers’ tastes or whether existing ice cream parlors are doing well or not. So for ICEDELIGHTS’s decision to give them a chance a run a franchise is very sensitive decision and it might end up as failure and I think they should not go ahead for this. It will be better for them if they find an experienced businessmen.

ICEDELIGHTS management was good and they were successfully running the California franchise. Their management impressed Paul, Mark and Eric as their all departments were doing well like control system and production, training and accounting and their sales team were successful in generating sales at afternoon and evening timings as well. ICEDELIGHTS was making an Italian Ice cream which was homemade and they had to put serious efforts to make their freezing process right. This process allowed them to make their products centrally and they were able to sell the product in all of their stores premises on time. I think they are not the right people for this business at current situation as they didn’t have experience and required resources to pull this off.

As an angel investor I would not like to invest in this project for several reasons as ICEDELIGHTS has not gone or expanded to outside market Northeast and there is still a doubt whether it will work in others side of the country or not. There were seven other investors who were pulled out of this so there will a serious reason behind this.The other reason is ICEDELIGHTS does not want to legally bind themselves with this franchise as they thought that they will run out of resources if any mishap occurs.The other thing is the inexperience of the three Paul, Mark and Eric as they have no experience of running a business and to start a business they do not belong to, is very difficult as they don’t know the situation of ice cream industry in Florida. They don’t have resources, real-estate, market targets and many other small details that contribute to the success of business. To risk your investment in such inexperienced hands, will not be a wise decision.

Paul, Mark and Eric have good business knowledge and they are capable of pulling this off but what if they have chances in failing to handle the pressure; as they are not experienced and to start a business you need experienced people with you and a team for each and every department. The three partners Paul, Mark and Eric were not even on same page as they all were having doubts on each other’s views. So a business cannot achieve success if you are still unsure about your business partner’s views......


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