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Founded in February 2003, PluroGen therapy is to run a pharmaceutical company, which is in development of topical antimicrobial gel (TAG) for the prevention and treatment of burns and skin ulcers, infections. Unlike most new pharmaceutical drugs that have no history of the disease, TAG were used thousands of patients in a large university hospital in the last 10 years. On the basis of a favorable clinical response, the two founders of doctors want to start a company and make the drug available to more of the medical community. Although doctors are recognized authorities in the field of wound care and owners of several patents, and has extensive business experience. PluroGen currently seeking $ 1.5 million in funding from angel investors to start the drug approval process and plans to continue to seek $ 6.5 million in funding from a strategic partner to complete Phase III trials and receive final approval from the Food U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Students were asked to evaluate how TAG is attractive enough to be of interest to experienced investors, and if so, what percentage of equity investors will demand in exchange for $ 1.5 million. In connection with the proposed financing of the future, a strategic partner, angel investors must carefully weigh the consequences of the next round of funding under the conditions they require now. "Hide
by Susan Chaplinsky Source: Darden School of Business 18 pages. Publication Date: April 4, 2005. Prod. #: UV2532-PDF-ENG

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