Icebreaker: The US Entry Decision Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question no. 1

What have been the reasons for Icebreaker's success to date?

Answer to the question no. 1


The company was founded in the year 1994 as a small business. The company started as a local manufacturer on the thermal wears produced by the merino wool. The company started from thermal wears because of its bad experience with an outdoor store owner.

The company was started by Jeremy Moon.He was a graduate from the University of O tago. He wanted to start his own company however; he did not have the determination to start his own company. The local store owner made him confident of the risk and that it risk was worth taking.

The initial phase of the company was slow but the tremendous quality of the product made its demand increase in the market as the buyers of the product were satisfied with the product that they used to praise the product in front of their friends and family.

Products specialties:

The people who get to know about the product get so influenced by it that they go to the stores and ask for the product. The product received so much appreciation that the customers used to say that they feel comfortable as they keep wearing it for days.

One of the customers commented that the product is of so comfort that he kept on wearing the product for more than about 30 days and he did not even feel disturbed by it. The product does not consist of any bad odor and remains soft.

The products are known as soft and odorless and they are so comfortable that one can wear it for days without changing or washing the product. The product is more specific and different as the product is more durable than the products already in market.

Products success:

The product and the company was facing losses in the first year how ever soon the company became recognized in the market. The company’s product got the benefit of its labor in a very speedy manner.

The success of the product started in the second year; an employee of the company stated that he never saw the company in a bad situation and the company has always been in profits. The success of the company lies in the quality of the product.

The top management of the company focused on the procurement of the best quality of merino wool and contracted with the major providers of the merino wool for the purpose of making the best product.

The management has faced complaints regarding the quality of the product and the cause of this was the variation in the quality of the merino wool purchased. The top management of the company then focused on the procurement of the best quality of merino wool.

The impact of correct and effective procurement of merino wool made gained brand appreciation for the company in the market. The top management of the company was afraid to lose the customers as in the past the management received complains about the products’ quality and this was not bearable by the company.

Product defects:

The company received complaints about the products’ quality therefore the top management of the company looked into the matter and identified the causes of such complains. The top management of the company found out that the variation in the quality of the products was due to the quality of the merino wool procured.

The company received merino wool, which after process and washing, became yellow. The owner named it butter cup and made it available in the stores at a price lower than the actual charged by the company. The product was a flop and the company experienced some loss however, it was not of much significance.

The company maintained the quality of the products and kept the procurement of the merino wool as its priority so that it can get the best product out of it. The company focused on the marketing of the product. Moon said that they market their products and are not the manufacturers.

The company outsources the manufacturing of the products and tries to keep the best relations with the manufacturers of the product. The company maintains the level of quality and the marketing of the product helped the company in maintaining the success of the company up to date...................

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