Hydro One Inc.: CEO Compensation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case is the situation in which the board of directors Hydro One, the Canadian state power companies as they discuss updating the current executive compensation packages because of the upcoming privatization of Hydro One. In state-owned enterprises, compensation led job security and career prospects in the public sector, but inevitable privatization requires compensation system should be revised. The case provides detailed information about the current system of compensation for Hydro One key officials with comparative figures for their counterparts in similar firms. The case allows for discussion of the interaction between the processes of corporate governance, the respective responsibilities of directors and the decisions they make, including the chief executive officer and executive compensation. Postscript to cause heated debate allows the class number of corporate governance, fiduciary responsibility and cooperation among key stakeholders. "Hide
by Ramasastry Chandrasekhar, Steven Sapp Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 17 pages. Publication Date: January 19, 2010. Prod. #: 910N02-PDF-ENG

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Hydro One Inc.: CEO Compensation

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