Human Resource Management: An international Prospective Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Human Resource Management: An international Prospective Case Solution

Human Resource Management

 The organizations would not be able toefficient professional teams without Human resources. The main responsibilities of the Human Resource Executive fall into the three major areas which include hiring, staffing, employee benefits and compensations, and designing/ defining work. Moreover, the main objective of the Human resource manager is to maximize the efficiency of the organization by optimizing the performance of its workers. According to the Edward L. Gubman, the primary goal of HR is to develop, acquire and retain talents as well as guide the workforce about the organizational tasks. These three challenges of the HR manager would not be changed. However, the main source of the organization is its workforce and as per the analysis of the industry, it is evaluated that the importance of HRM to the company’s overall physical condition has grown significantly.


The main objective of the HR manager is to hire the right person for right job and provide workers the best training services through which they can easily understand the goals and objectives of the organization as well as improve the skills of workers and increase steady business growth. Moreover, the human resource is the life blood of every organization and without effective HR the company would not maximize its productivity of the organization.

Michael Armstrong described in his book ‘A handbook of the Human Resource management’ that the success of the business can only be achieved if the policies and procedures of the organizations are effectively managed and interlinked with the organization structure. Moreover, it is also necessary for the organization to motivate its employees towards the organizational strategic planswhich would bring improvement in the organizational structure.

 Armstrong summarized the simple definition of the Human Resource Management as it is the strategic process which includes management of the employees’ performance as well as motivating, developing and acquisition of the organization human resources. Moreover, the organization also introduced programs and shape of the culture of the organization that reflect and support the principle norms and values of the organization that ensure the success of the organization.

Cycle of Human Resource Management

Recruitment and training

The recruitment and training is one of the most important responsibilities of the HR team. The HR managers are very much aware of the strategic needs of the organization. They always have back up plans and strategies for recruiting and training the right type of people for right job. Moreover, the managers design the job descriptions of all the employees that best fit the employees’ skills and capabilities. The further task related to recruitment and training includes the assigned tasks and formulating the obligation of the workers. Based on these two tasks the company prepares the contract of the employees. Moreover, when the employees need support regarding the assigned task, then the company provides training to the employees according to the requirement of the organization. These trainings provide guidance and motivation to the employees through which they can perform their task efficiently and effectively.Human Resource Management Case Solution

Performance Appraisal

The HR manager motivates the employees in the organization and suggests them about the strategic goals of the organization which bring improvement in the organization. Moreover, the HR manager also evaluates the work performances of the employees and rewards those employees who work properly in the organization. During the performance appraisal period, the management of the organization communicates with the employees individually and provides them all the necessary information about the performances as well as defines their prospective roles which the employees performed in the organization. The performance appraisal strategy encourages the employees to work hard and achieve the organizational goals...............

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