HR & DIGITAL WORKPLACE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


1.     HR &the Digital Transformation: Digital Workplace Global Study by Avanade

It is expected that the Digital workplace is all about the email and social media however, it is much more than it. Digital workplace aims to build a technological environment by creating digital HR practices.(The Digital Transformation of People Management, 2012). According to Avanade, 84% of the companies associated digital workplace in such criteria in which employees can add value in the business by using different digital tools.(Dave Webb, 2015).of the concept of digital workplace simply means that it is a workplace in which employees can access the information and resources anytime and anywhere which they need to do their job done effectively. The digital workplace would provide more intelligence to make appropriate information. Digital workplace has changed the nature of job as well as the mode of doing the job.According to Avanade, 69% of the companies responded to focus on collaboration and 78% responded to focus on IT infrastructure.(Dave Webb, 2015)

The study of Avanade shows that the companies that are using digital workplace are more successful than those whichare still lacking in digital practices of HR.

  • It has been identifiedthat 76% of the companies have improved productivity by offering relevant digital tools and information.
  • 53% of the companies haveobservedimproved employee engagement in their work.
  • 43% of the companies have noticed growth in their revenues.

It is considered that the companies are now starting to introduce digital transformation step by step. Many major companies are taking small but important steps towards digital transformation. In addition, it has also been observed that companies are focusing to invest in digital workplace in the next 2 to 3 years.

2.     The Digital Workplace: Think, share, do by Deloitte:

Reason for the Digital Transformation:

1.      Aging Workforce:

The baby boomers are continuing to retire and taking the key knowledge with them, which has increased the need to capture and retain their knowledge. This has accelerated to introduce digital system to store their knowledge.

2.     Information overload:

The employees faced difficult to find the appropriate information which they needed to perform their job due to the variety of information, which is growing at fast rate.

3.      The need for speed:

As the work environment involved more complexities and competencies, the employees also increasingly needed to work faster and collaborate more effectively and efficiently in order to do their job better.

4.      Digital Workplace:

 The Digital Workplace can be described as the natural development of the workplace which is comprised of the employees’ technology working environment. It is considered that the Digital workplace entails all the technologies and tools the employees use to get their work done in workplace environment. It contains from the HR applications and core business process to email, instant messages and social media tools.

Why Digital workplace strategy?

1.     Employee productivity:

It is expected that the digital workplace environment encouraged employees to become more productive and efficient. The studies have also showed that the organizations which are strong in online social network are more productive as compared to those without the online social networks.

2.     Employee Satisfaction:

Social media tools enable employees to get their job done without any complexity which in turn provides them job satisfaction. Thus, installing social media tools on the organization increases the employees’ satisfaction.

3.     Employee Retention:

The digital workplace helps to increase the employee engagement in the operations of business, through which organizations would be able to retain the key employees.


1.     Why your topic is relevant to businesses today?

The topic HR and the Digital transformation/ Digital Work place is relevant in today’s business as the mode of doing business has completely changed. As the new technology and competitors have entered the market, therefore the companies are eager to bring new and advanced methods in their organizations to sustain their desired position in the market. (Jošanov, Ivana Jošanov Petar Vrgović Borislav, 2009)........................

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