Bertelsmann Reinhard Mohn Fellowship: CSR as Cultural Exchange Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Reinhard Mont Fellowship is an initiative of Bertelsmann AG. It reflects a continued commitment to the promotion of Bertelsmann social, cultural and personal development designed to reward and sponsor people with leadership qualities that have demonstrated enterprise, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. It provides up to five social entrepreneurs from around the world to be selected from the group of applicants to spend one year of the program, offering them the opportunity to get acquainted with the corporate culture, work on projects in various departments, and build networks within the Bertelsmann Group global media. The idea behind this initiative is to not only provide a unique opportunity for young business and social innovation, but also allow the company to benefit from their contrasting points of view and a different set of experiences. Designed to encourage students to think about innovative ways in which companies can make a contribution to society. Also allows you to discuss the process of gaining and maintaining the momentum for social initiatives within large companies. Questions that can be posed include: Who benefits from this initiative? Whether the program is successful? Its impact can be measured? and, above all, it can be played or provide a role model for other companies? In particular, it allows an interesting discussion of initiatives in the area of ​​corporate responsibility in the private sector. "Hide
by K. Ganly, Johanna Mair Source: IESE 26 pages. Publication Date: December 7, 2005. Prod. #: IES166-PDF-ENG

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Bertelsmann Reinhard Mohn Fellowship: CSR as Cultural Exchange

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